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The Observatory is a work that combines an elaborate soundtrack and an open-ended experimental narrative with the purpose of stimulating an explorative state for the viewer navigating a very disarticulated space. The surreal environment hints at being a glitched memory bank, and the notes the objects provide are a puzzle to be solved. Ultimately it is a poetic allegory about erasure.

This virtual platform has a digital video equivalent called //Current state =true;   that essentializes its desired core affect in a different form and for a different kind of audience.

click this link to download and install the game on your PC

- this format will be laggy and will have a bad frame rate because macs are not build for gaming so you have to be a more patient player. 

1. Click this link to download 

2. click on it to uncompress

3. bypass MAC security: 

  1. If you’re sure you trust the app developer ( me ), you can override your security settings and allow the app to install and open.

    1. Open Finder.

    2. Locate the app you’re trying to open.

    3. Control+Click the app.

    4. Select Open.

    5. Click Open.

    6. The app should be saved as an exception in your security settings, allowing you to open it in the future.

4.simply double click the tree icon. It does not require installing.

( it runs better on mac if you close all your other GPU heavy software )


The video below is as an introduction to the game made for the Institute of Creativity + Innovation Day at Virginia Tech 2021:

the Observatory Laura iancu.png


Horsemint Island is a short play immersive habitat released January 2019. It is free to play but it requires a short installation. 250 mb.

click this link to download and install the game on your PC

modeling/design/story: Laura Iancu

poem&voice: Amelia Salisbury

code : Radu iancu



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