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PSAF 2023 OFFICIAL SELECTION LAURELS  White-Flat Text Blue Green Leaves copy.png
Wide Open Selection2023 black copy.png
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Laureles-2022-Exp-Film-Gto-(POSITIVO) copy.png
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laurel negro UNDER 2022 copy.png
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Experimental Series - Salt Lake City (EXPS/SLC), Union Theatre, Utah, US, Half Life  

Darkroom Film Festival,  IKLECTIK, London, UK, Blues for Martin Sostre 

01 NFT | New Media | Experimental | Digital Arts Film Festival | United Kingdom, Feeder

 iii, Pokhara, Nepal, Self (i.e;)

GRRL HOUSE Video Art + SciFi screening at LOOPHOLE Berlin on April 24th, Feeder

"EnTrance: Female Bodies in Digitalscapes" from May 11th until June 9th, 2023, running installation at Toplotcentrala Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria, Self (i.e;)

Esto Es Para Esto - Exhibidora de Cine, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, // Current state = true; online

Wide Open Film Festival, Oklahoma City, OK, //Current State = True; 

Experimental Film Guanajuato, a second screening of the 2022 programing @ Cinemaanimal, Guanajuato, Mexico, Feeder

Palm Spring Animation Film Festival, Palm Springs, CA , Feeder 


Diminuto, International Minimun Film Festival, Mexico City, Mexico, Feeder, Winner, Fractal Category

                + Chapingo Autonomous University, Chapingo 2022 International Book Fair

                + Julián Centeya Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina

                + Programming on the Retina Latina Platform, from January 5 to 19, 2022

Saigon Experimental Film Festival Satelite program - Mama told me I'm experimental- Hanoi, Vietnam, Feeder

24'th Madurai International Documentary and Short Film Festival, Madurai, India, Sweet Press

CinemaZERO, Trento, MUSE award competition. Italy, EU, Transmissions & Feeder 

18 Festival Transterritorial de Cine Underground, CABA, Argentina //Current state = true; 

Sight and Sound Festival, Oxnard, CA, US, Sweet Press

Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival, //Current state = true; 

Experimental Film Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico, Feeder

Ultra Cinema Xl,  Chicho, Mexico, Sinking About You

International Herb Symposium Film & Photography Festival, The Good Neighbors ( premiere ) 

Postales a Lumière - Itinerant Exhibition of Contemporary Cinema, Feeder

Vezuvius International Film Fest, Campania, Italy, Feeder

Nanhui Ollin Film Festival, Durago, Mexico, Feeder

10'th International Video Poetry Film Festival, Athens, Grece, Sinking About You

smallOFFICIALSELECTION-ScreenerShortFilms-2021 copy.png
TTFF2021_LAURELS-03 copy.png
04. Laureles-01 copy.png
OFFICIALSELECTION-DarkroomFilmFestival-2021 copy.png
OFFICIALSELECTION-MidwestVideoPoetryFest-2021 copy.png
OFFICIALSELECTION-AlteredImages-2021 cop
Laurel_Official_Selection csdaopy.png


Xprmntl Film Festival, London, UK,Transmissions & Blues for Martin Sostre

San Diego Underground Film festival, San Diego, Ca, // Current State=true;  

Fotogenia, Film Poetry & Divergent Narratives Festival, Mexico City, Mexico, Transmissions

Octopus Marquee Independent Film Festival, Self(i.e;)

Trinidad+Tobago Film Festival, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, //Current State. = true;

ICAT Creativity+Innovation Day, The Observatory
Altered Aesthetics Film Festival, London, UK, Feeder
Feel the Reel Film Festival , London, UK, // Current State=true;
Crescent City Film Festival, New Orleans, Transmissions
Festival Ecra, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, – World Premiere –The Observatory
Citric Signals Video Network, Feeder
Detroit Shetown Women’s Film Festival, Detroit, Michigan, Feeder
Screener Short Films, London, UK, Feeder
Buzz Vicious Underground Film Festival, Amazonas, Brazil, // Current State=true;
Hallucinea Film Festival, Paris, France, Feeder
Vinilonga Film Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Feeder
Trinidad+Tobago Film Festival, Port of Spain, // Current State=true;
Mimesis Documentary Festival, Boulder, US, Level IV
Midwest Video Poetry Fest, Madison, WI, I Imagine I Been Science Fiction Always
Darkroom Film Festival, London, UK, I Imagine I Been Science Fiction Always

SDUFF_Laurel_2019 copy.png



London Experimental Film Festival, London, UK, Transmissions
Strangelove Time-Based Media Festival, -online- Transmissions
Underneath the Floorboards Visual Arts Festival, London, UK, -online- Feeder
Coop Microcinema, Nashville, TN, -online- Feeder


ULTRAcinema, Guelatao, Oaxaca, Mexico, Clear

Green Screen Environmental Film Festival, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago,Transmissions

Festival Cinemistica, Granada, Spain, Transmissions
CODEC International Experimental Film and Video Festival, San Rafael, Mexico, Transmissions
Antimatter [Media Art], Victoria, BC, Canada, Transmissions
The traveling tent of The Itinerant Cinema of La Bête Rousse. The tent is pitched within various music festivals in France, Fasterrr
The London Experimental Film Festival, The Islington Metal Works, London, Fasterrr
Medusa Underground Film Festival, Las Vegas, Nevada, Fasterrrr
Colorado International Cannabis & Hemp Film Festival, The Bug Theater, Denver, Clear
Experimental Superstars, Novi Sad, Serbia, Clear
Druid Underground Film Festival, Clear
South Carolina Underground Film Festival, North Charleston, SC, Clear
San Diego Underground Film Festival, San Diego, CA, Transmissions
Indie Grits Film Festival, Nickelodeon Theatre, Colombia, SC, Clear
Fayetteville Film Fest , Downtown Fayetteville, AR, Clear
Femmes Underground International Film Festival , Los Angeles, CA, Clear
Mirror Mountain Film Festival, Arts Court Theatre, Ottawa, CA, Transmissions
Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival, Transmissions
2018 London Experimental Film Festival, London, UK, Fasterrrr
Medusa Underground Film Festival, Las Vegas, NV, Self(i.e;), Fasterrrr
Antimatter, Victoria, BC, Canada, Minerals and Buttercups
Altered Aesthetics Film Festival, Minneapolis, MN, Fasterrr
Women/ NB Digital Art at the Moss Arts Center, Blacksburg, VA, Self(i.e;), Rattle
Alchemy Film and Movie Image Festival, Hawick, Scotland, Minerals and Buttercups
Vertical Cinema screening series, Iowa City, IA Self(i.e;), Level I
Indie Grits Festival, Columbia, SC, Fasterrr
Experiments in Cinema, Albuquerque, MN, Minerals and Buttercups

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