The Observatory 

build&sound design: Laura Iancu
coding: Radu Iancu
music: Doug Seidel and Todd Tuttle 

The Observatory is a work that combines an elaborate soundtrack and an open-ended experimental narrative with the purpose of stimulating an explorative state for the viewer navigating a very disarticulated space. The surreal environment hints at being a glitched memory bank, and the notes the objects provide are a puzzle to be solved. Ultimately it is a poetic allegory about erasure.

 click this link to download and install the game on your PC

- this format will be laggy and will have a bad frame rate because macs are not build for gaming so you have to be a more patient player. 

 1. Click this link to download 2. click on it to uncompress 3.simply double click the tree icon. It does not require installment. 

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