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The Good Neighbors

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

A showcase of three short non-fiction films completed in collaboration with brilliant partners of soil and plant life from the Blue Ridge and Piedmont regions of Virginia. The films examine growing, both in view of biodynamic crops but also of beauty, resilience, joy, and community.

Total runtime: 45 min ( "Sweet Press" 7 min.; "The Good Neighbors" 13 min.; "Where They Live" 25 min.)

The Good Neighbors - zine and art by folk herbalist Lauren Cooper of Greenstar Farm (origin of event/short film title).

Made with support from the Niles Grant, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the Virginia Tech School of Performing Arts.

“In a spoonful of soil near the surface you will find more bacteria than you find people on earth, so it's full of life particularly if you feed it and you provide organic matter usually thought the form of roots. So these small little spoonfulls can have billions of bacteria, you can have almost billions of fungi, you can have billions of Protozoa if not tens of thousands of Protozoa, tens of thousands of nematodes. We're not even close to understanding all the different species of these really small organisms." Mark Williams

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