Level I, II, III, IV, V (2012  2014  2015  2018  2021) are autobiographical films where I use freeform editing techniques guided by questions about non-narrative modes of creating a space that is as volatile and fluctuating as is life as such, but with the added texture of the contemplation that film allows. I am foremost studying the impulses behind the digital conservation of matter (an archival tendency) and the problem of mediation as highlighted by the conflicted relationships that emerge between subjectivities on different sides of lenses and screens. Each video is a condensation of a few years of footage. Most of it is observational, a camera quietly being ignored by various people as they do about their day, images of gardens, cats and beaches, but also protests and grassroots movements, small fights, angers, moments of youthful cringe. I tried to capture an interplay of chance encounters and true affinity between humans and things attuned to one another. From Level to Level the aesthetics, or topic, tone, or urgency might differ but there is something about them that underlines all my work present and futural.

Old Archives


Level I DUR:15:00/RO/US 2012

Level II DUR:45:00/RO/US 2014

Level III DUR:07:06/RO/2015

Level IV   DUR:15:00/RO/US 2018    ( 3 min excerpt ) 
Things touch each other from a distance but need a little help connecting. 

Level V DUR:9:00/US/2021 
A few stories on trees, industrial agriculture and uranium.