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Black Paths are the routes that cross the underexplored territories in the wild hills and mountains of Romania.


Between the encroaching industrialization and illegal logging exploits, lie spaces of unspeakable beauty. Romania is an important repository of Europe’s last virgin forests as well as a spring of ethnographical richness. Unique and fragile ecosystems are peppered throughout the landscape, from river deltas to bogs to high altitude alpine lakes. 

During the Summer and Fall of 2022 I have explored deeply into these territories. I have marked, logged and journaled my travels and through direct experience with these landscapes I have arrived at the need for developing Black Paths. The goal of the project is to recovering public interest for adventuring on less beaten paths, advancing the national consciousness on environmental conservation and developing confidence for people who are tentative about traveling alone.

funded by:

Institute for Society, Culture and Environment at Virginia Tech

2023 College of Architecture, Arts, and Design at Virginia Tech Faculty Initiated Research Grant

Center for Humanities, College of Liberal Arts and Science at Virginia Tech 

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